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Constant Downloads lately

I'm new here, mostly niave to computers, hoping someone can help me.  Past 2-3 days from a.m. to p.m., as soon as I'm on net, McAfee starts DLing various forms of Virus protection etc., some short, some long.  We have dial-up, takes forever.  Just wondering why so many; they just keep coming.  Soon as one is done, another starts.  Tomorrow will be 4th day.  Sure if I left PC on all night, it would still be DLing; but will not do that. Are all these DLs really necessary?  Is there a place I can go to manage them?   Any ideas/help would be appreciated.  Hopefully my email adress shows up, was hard for me to get here, due to medical problems, would like it if your responses could be sent to my mailbox. kat/katnlimbo

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Re: Constant Downloads lately

Hi katnlimbo,

Mcafee Updates are used to:

Keep DAT files current with new malware added to the detection lists by which they are detected when any trojan outbreaks occur.
They keep applications up-to-date to prevent compatibility issues between operating system updates and third-party applications, and to resolve functional issues.
Install new releases which are used to update features, add new functionality, and increase the ease of use.

and yes , you could specify what to be done when updates are found, please follow the below prompts:

  1. Double-click the AM icon in your task bar.
  2. Change to the Advanced menu and click Configure on the bottom-left menu.
  3. In the SecurityCenter Configuration panel under Protection Status, click Advanced.
  4. Under SecurityCenter Configuration, select Update Options.
  5. Select the update option you prefer.

Thanks & Regards,

Dinesh K

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