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Since I have had VSC+ 13, I have had DAT file updating problems, that I could only resolve with the help of the McAfee tech guys, and it meant that I had to uninstall both Ad Aware and Superantispyware, as well as Zone Alarm Pro from my computer. Now both these and the anti spyware part of VSC+ all pick up different things, and now I am down to just one. Does anyone know any that are compatible with VSC+ and will not cause any problems, please.
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RE: Compatibility


If you have multiple security programs installed in the computer that would definitely cause malfunctioning to your computer.

So it’s better to run your computer with one security software. Moreover, programs like SUPER Anti-Spyware are not a legitimate one so it’s better to uninstall them from the computer.
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RE: Compatibility

Sorry to disagree, ZoneAlarm Pro would definitely interfere as it has active spyware protection but SuperAntispyware is legitimate and we/I use it all the time. But only the free versions. When you get into the paid versions then active protection comes into play and you will have issues.

We recommend the ones here:
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