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Codec pop up

Since last night I am plagued by these pop ups. How do I remove them ?

My virus software was and is up to date ... and I have completed a full scan with McAfee Internet Security which is showing my PC as 100% clean !

NB I have not clicked on check updates or remind me later.

I use windows XP

Many thanks to anyone who can shed any light on this for me,





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Re: Codec pop up

Click on Start – click on Control panel

Then click Add/remove programs : From the list that gets populated please check  if you have a software that’s named Codec.

If you do find, it might be the application that was installed on the PC that requires an update.


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Re: Codec pop up

I thought I'd update this thread with what really was going on to help other people with a similar problems.

It isn't a legitmate bit of softeware requesting an update (sorry Dinz, you are well off track). The bad english, the mix of apple and microsoft etc were clues.

The underlying problem (not the pop up symptoms) was caused by the zero access rootkit / trojan. There was a further problem with Katusha virus (and some others that I think were responsible for the pop-ups ....).

In the end I had to pay McAfee to clean my computer (£60). I have mixed feelings about this as I already pay an annual subscription for them to protect my computer. Having seen what they had to do and how long it took I think it was value for money for a clean up job. I am very worried though that they cannot seem to protect me from getting the problem in the first place.

I am left with two big questions:

-- how do I prevent further infections like this, and

-- how do I find out if I have them

McAfee sotware doesn't seem to be enough as trojans seem to be able to get ontio my computer even with real time checking on and then they trick the virus softare into saying everything is OK.

If anyone has any advice about how to prevent infections such as this, when you have up to date anti-virus software such as McAfee, please do post them here. The only thing that I have read that may be of use (or may be a falacy - who knows) is that it is more risky to surf as an admin user and that using an account without admin priviledges would be safer. If anyone knows whether this is true or not please let me know.

The other question about how to detect an infection when your anti-virus software says everything is OK, also needs answering. Again I found something called GMER. Any comments on whether this is effective would also be appreciated.

I hope other people find this comment of use. If I come across anything else of relevance I'll post it here.

Regards, Cath

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Re: Codec pop up

None of the antivirus applications on the market today will protect you 100% against everything that is out there, especially this new fake alert malware which usually relies on a person innocently clicking on something in order for it to activate.    The detection engine would have to be cranked up so high that almost everything on the machine would also be suspect and using a PC would become a nightmarish experience as a result.

It's up to the user to be extra careful what you click on, download or file-share and always keep all aspects of your system up to date.  There are some FREE tools and suggestions here:

Meanwhile I am glad that at least you are now free of whatever it was.


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