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Cleaning threats found in "System Volume Information" folder

Hi - during my scans, there have been multiple threats reported in the "c:\System Volume Information" folder, in files named like _restore{guid...}\RP20\Annn..exe.  I'm guessing this is in a restore point.  This is a non-existant folder.

I'm running XP service pack 2 and Total Protection 2010.

1) How can I handle this threat so that it is rendered non-threatening?

2) ditto, so it is not reported again.

Beyond this, I am looking for information about how to wipe clean the restore point history, so I can start "fresh".

Thanks in advance - Barney

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Re: Cleaning threats found in "System Volume Information" folder

That folder is your System Restore so if you disable System Restore temporarily that folder will be gone and whatever the detection was, along with it.

Once satisfied everything is clear then you can re-enable it.

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