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Can't download MCPR.exe to complete McAfee uninstall


My McAfee firewall was disabled and couldnt be turned back on, which I believed to be caused by a virus/malware.

So, I started the process of uninstalling, cleaning and reinstalling.

I uninstalled McAfee from the control panel (in the usual manner) but then when I attempt to download the MCPR to finish the uninstall, it says "contained a virus and was deleted".

I think is because with McAfee uninstalled, Windows Security Centre is re-activated.. and the malware is probably now targetting that and preventing downloads (zeroaccess malware?).

Can anyone please help with this? How do I get around this download blocking so that I can finish uninstalling and reinstalling McAfee? And anything else I should do.


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Re: Can't download MCPR.exe to complete McAfee uninstall

Probably the malware targeted MCPR as I have uninstalled Mcafee this way at least for 6 years with nary a warning. Try downloading it to a stick and rename the file to abc.exe and run it. Really I would do this after your have run most of the scanners mentioned here

McAfee Communities: Anti-Spyware/Malware & Hijacker Tools

You may have to rename the downloaded setup files and the folder names where they are installed to as malware can be told to block such downloads from known AV sites.

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Re: Can't download MCPR.exe to complete McAfee uninstall

I think I have resolved the problem.

I used another computer to download the MCPR and HitmanPro to USB stick (didn't need to re-name them however).

I then used MCPR to finish the McAfee uninstall, then used the anti-malware software to clean my PC (successfully).

Then I re-installed McAfee and seems to be working fine so far

Thanks for your response anyway peacekeeper

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