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Can't do a "Scan Now"

Hi everyone, I purchased McAffee SecurityCenter 6 months ago and set it up to do an overnight weekly full scan. I then trusted it to do that and never looked at it again till now... it has been working OK in the background with an occassional warning messages... it does occassional updates with no problems...

On the home page it tells me that my Subscription Expiration is due in July...

I just tried to do a manual scan, I click on scan, but there is no button for "Scan Now" also if I try and edit the time of my Weekly Scheduled Scan, it allows me to change the time, I then click apply ok... but if I go into it again, it has not changed...

Can someone please advise what could be wrong...

David Priest

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Re: Can't do a "Scan Now"

Hi DPriest,

I have suggested you some steps in  your original thread here  . Please continue there.

note : locking this thread


Dinesh K

on 2/1/10 9:41:56 AM GMT-06:00
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