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Level 7

Bootable Recovery Disk

Hello All, Does McAfee have an option to create a bootable recovery disk in the event that my PC does get a virus and I need to boot from an outside source.

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Level 14

Re: Bootable Recovery Disk

McAfee does not have an option to the best of my knowledge to create a recovery disk and I am not sure if that was ever considered by the developers of the software.

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Level 12

Re: Bootable Recovery Disk

No but there is a great video here on how to do one for free I believe.

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Level 20

Re: Bootable Recovery Disk

1 of the mods made 1 a while ago but it was broken by an engine update but will ask. I seem to remember it was mentioned in 1 of our weekly calls. Will get back next Tuesday

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Level 17

Re: Bootable Recovery Disk

SysInternals - or perhaps Microsoft - have a utility somewhere for XP which will create a set of 6, I think, floppy disks. Not quite sure what's involved but could find out later if you want.

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