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BackDoor!05a5ca1e4538, ddraw32.dll & K-Directory problems

Hoping I'm in the right place and some bright guy or gal out there can help.  I'm plagued with something, spyware or malware, that keeps directing me to K-Directory website when I click on links in a google search results page. When I do a search on k-directory and malware I'm always taken to a stopzilla anti spyware site irrespective of the link I click on.

I'm a tech novice and have done some basic research on Mcafee website and can see BackDoor!05a5ca1e4538 Trojan which might be the problem. I've run Mcafee AV sweep last night which told me it quarantined ddraw32.dll, dnsch32.dll, crypt3232.dll & compstui32.dll but the problem persists.  I've disabled them under Internet explorer Options - Programs - Ad-Ons this doesn't appear to make a difference.  I've also tried downloading the latest dats (5985xdat.exe) but these wont run on my PC something about permissions even though my subscription has more than 12 months still to run. I'm flummoxed

Thanks for any help you can give


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