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BT netprotect plus incomplete installation

On Thursday an update to BT Netprotect plus was automatically installed on my PC but on rebooting the PC the internet connection was disabled from that PC only.

I have since uninstalled Netprotect using the Control Panel and then run the MCPR (McAfee program removal) tool to remove any remaining McAfee files or registry entries.  However, each time I try to download Netprotect Plus it fails during the installation phase with an "Installation Incomplete" message.

I have also used MVT (McAfee Virtual Technican) to try to resolve the issue to no avail, top issue is "Core components Failed to install".

I have repeated the above steps numerous times but the installation always fails with the same message.

Can someone offer my any advice on how to resolve this issue?



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Re: BT netprotect plus incomplete installation

It's the weekend and therefore probably no technicians around so here's hoping we can get it working for you.     Try downloading MCPR again, save it to your desktop, right-click it and select properties and click Unblock/Apply/OK if blocked.  Make sure you are signed in as a user with Administrative rights and run it and reboot immediately afterwards.

The go to your account page and download the setup file and try again.     

Do you have other security software installed that may interfere with it?

By the way I just checked and the UK Technical Support Chat line is open 24/7 - check the link under Useful Links at the top of this page.  They could probably assist you better than I.

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