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Autorun.inf & Myfile.exe

A file by the name of Autorun.inf and an empty folder called Myfolder started to show up on all of my USB drives and memory cards.  McAfee full system scan and selected scans do not dectect any virus.  I am unable to read or access the autorun.inf file to verifys its content.  I have manually reformatted (wiping all contents) the USB drvies and memory cards and the autorun.inf file & Myfolder folder will immediately return when the drive is reinserted into the computer.  When I try to archive the file for submission, the sytem tells me that a file by the name of myfile.exe exists within the supposely empty Myfolder folder.  I am almost certain that the system is infected, just not sure why McAfee Internet Security is not detecting it.

I am unable to copy the file or zip the files up for submission.  As something is preventing me from copying, reading or archiving autorun.inf and myfile.exe.

Help please.

Edit:  Under Safemode I was able to archive the autorun.inf and Myfolder folder.  Attached.

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Re: Autorun.inf & Myfile.exe

McAfee has published a link for virus and malware issues

In the event you still have issues I would recommend you try the following programs which are free Malwarebytes and SuperAntispyware

You may need to download these onto a non infected pc and onto a usb stick. I suggest you rename the download file and also the installation folder to something you can easily remember as virus and malware are written to protect themselves. When you get the program installed check for the latest updates and run the program and let it clean everything it finds. Reboot the computer and do the same thing for the other program.

Let us know how this works for you and good luck.

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