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Automatic Updates - Installation Error

3/18/2015 i experienced this error today for the first time when i clicked the virus update on mcafee livesafe internet security i have on my computer. i received an installation error when it was installing update. i ran the updater again says i have the current update virus update. 2195.0 . did this actually install correctly ?  anybody else havimg this same issue or technical problem -receiving installation error when running automatic virus updater ? is there a technical solution to fixing this problem ? should i contact mcafeee live help ? Any technical feedback would be appreciated reguarding this issue as soon as possible.

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Re: Automatic Updates - Installation Error

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2195.0 is the most current Engine Version. I would simply do a restart and let load fully. Then perhaps run the McAfee Virtual Technician, to check for any possible issues.

As long as your Interface says 'Your computer is Secure' you should be OK.

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