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Artemis Trojan

I have this Trojan quarantined and I would like to know how I get rid of it. I am not very computer savvy, so please I need EASY help.  Thanks.

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Level 7

Re: Artemis Trojan

I have Mcafee Security Center version 9.15, build 9.15.175 with VirusScan version 13.15, build 13.15.116, Dat version 5900.0000 (created 2/22/10), engine version 5301.4018, and McAfee was able to successfully remove the Artemis trojan from my Lenovo laptop running Vista Business during a scan that started last night and ended this morning.  I do not know what version of VirusScan you have, but if it is possible to upgrade to the same version I have or to try a later dat version, VirusScan may be able to remove this trojan from your pc.  There are many versions of this pesky little monster, so you may have a tougher strain that VirusScan cannot delete.

I assumed that McAfee would not be able to help me rid my machine of this malware, because in the past it could not help with other malware.  Instead, I tried Malwarebytes anti-virus, Avira, something from pcDoctor, and several other free virus scan applications, and the only one that was able to remove this pest was McAfee.  Finally, I came back to McAfee and was very pleasantly surprised.  Great job, McAfee!

Hope this helps.

Jaime, PE to be

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