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AntiVirus Plus download problem.

I just purchased AntiVirus Plus.  I am trying to install it but get a popup saying:

Download Cannot Continue

Your McAfee software download cannot continue because either there's a problem with your internet connection ot the McAfee download server is unavailable. To fix this, make sure you PC is connected to the internet or wait for a few moments for the server to become available, then try again.

My computer is connected to the internet.

I have waited and waited and tried and tried again.  Keep getting the same message. Please help

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Level 7

Re: AntiVirus Plus download problem.

Hi kevcosta,

I faced the same issue but solved the problem. Here the work around,

1. Choose Custom Install

2. Uncheck the site advisory

3. Proceed with the installation

4 After successful installation you will be able to install site advisory via the main menu, Web and E-mail Protection.



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Level 7

Re: AntiVirus Plus download problem.

I have had the same problem, I was able to download the file DMSetup.exe but once I run it I get the same message:  "problem with your internet connection or the McAfee download server is unavailable".  I don't have the option of a custom install because the program hasn't been downloaded.

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Level 16

Re: AntiVirus Plus download problem.

Hi All,

Could you please confirm if the issue is resolved, if not please provide me with the following information;

What is the operating system of the computer?
How is the computer connected to internet ? (dsl/wireless)
Did we have any other security software in the computer ?

Kindly get back with the following details so that we could get this installed for you.

Dinesh K
McAfee Online Community Moderator

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