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Annoying Popups - Not McAfee

How do I get rid of annoying popups?  I have popup blocker turned on.  I have ran full McAfee Scan several times.  The popups are about surveys relating to whatever website I am at.  The computer will suddently shout at me "CONGRATULATIONS . . . . YOU HAVE BEEN CHOSEN . .. . " and it will keep talking, then when it is done a new screen will pop up with the survey.  I have all of the the latest and greatest McAfee Protection.  I chatted with McAfee Consumer Chat, McAfee Technical Support Chat who referred me to the Virus Removal Team, which is $89.00.  Really not to crazy about paying that much just yet.  Kinda confused about how spyware or malware got on computer.  My McAfee Security says I am fully protected and it's scans have found nothing.  Does anyone have any ideas?

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Re: Annoying Popups - Not McAfee

This sounds like adware. If a McAfee scan isn't picking up any problems then do you have any extra toolbars installed? If you do, try uninstalling or disabling them.

What is your operating system, and which browser(s) do you use? If Internet Explorer, look in the Add-Ons section to see what's there.

There are a number of different tools which might help here (McAfee, Microsoft, and others - Spybot, SuperAntiSpyware, HijackThis) but the standard fallback is Malwarebytes. Running it won't do any harm, and might get rid of the problem. Try that first.

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