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Level 9

Am I missing something?

Security Center 9.3
Virus Scan 13.3.127
Engine 5301.4018

XP service pack 3
IE 7

Each time McAfee scans my computer, I look at the results. It has never found a virus or trojan...just has 0 after all the items.

Cookies scanned 420. Tracking Cookies detected 0.

The same with other items scanned - detection is 0.

Is this normal, I mean not finding anything? (not that I'm hoping for a Virus or Trojan, just wanted to be sure McAfee hasn't been de-activated in some way by a Virus or Trojan to miss detecting them. :confused:
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Level 11

RE: Am I missing something?

Well i wil be glad if I saw that.... looks like your machine is clean grin
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Level 9

am I missing something

Thank you for a speedy answer. So I can stop worrying I guess.
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