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Alert on file: file then not found?

Recently I installed Thunderbird. During the import of my Eudora email, I received an alert:

Potentially unwanted program detected:
Name: Exploit-MIME.c
Location: C:\Documents and Settings\<my name>\Local Settings\Temp\nsmail.eml

The dialog offered me three choices in response:
Remove the <file or program>
Approve the <file or program>
Close this alert.

Suspecting that it might be a virus, but unable at the time to confirm it,
I chose "Close this alert" assuming that I could then scan and if necessary
remove the file after the lengthy TBird/Eudora import was complete.

When I then went to the directory identified in the alert, there was no file
visible. I did a scan on the directory anyway and was informed that

Total files scanned: 3
Total files detected: 0

Well, the only 'files' that the directory had were 3 subdirectories that were empty.

I'm looking for informed opinions of what likely happended:

Did McAfee remove the file anyway, even though I chose "Close..."?

Could the file have migrated by itself somewhere else? I haven't done
a complete scan since then, only the local scan. A full scan on my system
takes all day and night, so I'm hesitant to do that.

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Reliable Contributor exbrit
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RE: Alert on file: file then not found?

A potentially unwanted program or PUP is not a virus or malware, just something that the software doesn't recognize and was alerting you to. It would not be put in any quarantine folder.

If you can locate the file right-click it and select "Scan" and it will bring up the same warning.

File is no longer available, but why?


Thanks for your reply.

The file the alert referred to - Exploit-MIME.c - identified by the alert is
described by McAfee's Virus Profile:

The file is no longer there in the directory it was identified.

I did not select the alert's option to remove it.
I selected "close the alert" planning to evaluate the file - which at
the time I did not know for sure was a virus.

When I looked for it was no longer in the specified directory.

Do you think that VirusScan removed it anyway, or could it have moved?

Reliable Contributor exbrit
Reliable Contributor
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RE: File is no longer available, but why?

Not sure to be honest but it was a temporary file (hence "temp" in that address) therefore was most likely deleted once the file went wherever it went.

I'm afraid that is more likely to be explained by Technical Support Chat (linked in my signature or at top left of this page).
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