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ActiveShield components missing after install error

Hello. Recently I upgraded my McAfee package to Total Protection, and I clicked the download link in
My Account on I didn't know if I should uninstall my prior McAfee software before
installing the upgrade. If it mattered or not, or if the installer hopefully detected any McAfee software
and warned to uninstall it. Not knowing I decided not to uninstall anything, and I didn't interfere
in any way while installing (No internet usage, nothing that might slow/corrupt it.).

However, it keeps giving me the error, "Some components of ActiveShield are either missing or might not
have been installed properly." after booting. Should I have uninstalled first? Most everything else
seems to be OK, but whatever I definitely did wrong I don't want to cause more damage. I need some
expert advice please. Should I try the download link again without uninstalling, or should I first use
Windows Add or Remove Programs, then McAfee Consumer Products Removal MCPR tool: I'm thinking the latter. Any and all help
is definitely appreciated, please... Thank you...
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RE: ActiveShield components missing after install error


Basically we have to remove the previous version of McAfee if we are installing the different version of McAfee product. First preference would be un-installing the McAfee product from the Add and remove program list and if we have any issue then we can run the MCPR tool to remove the McAfee files.
Try to reinstall the McAfee from the website account
let us know if it works
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ActiveShield install error FIXED

Hello. Thank you for responding, I appreciate it. The Windows Add/Remove Programs, then MCPR uninstall
worked perfectly. Everything is updating and working brilliantly, thank you! I lost my internet connection
(broadband and dial-up) from a drive-by trojan for some time, after fixing that I rushed installing the
McAfee upgrade. The ActiveShield error message doesn't appear after booting, as well as a couple other
minor things that got fixed; more proof it's working flawlessly, thank you! I ran McAfee Virtual Technician
for good measure and it found no problems. I'm entirely happy and convinced this is fixed, solved and
resolved. Thank you... Peace...
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RE: ActiveShield install error FIXED

G’ lad to know you’re issue is been fixed please get back to us if you have any issue in the future.
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