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Activation mess

I have purchased
Virus Scan plus 2009(single user)-1 pack.
Virus Scan plus 2009(3-user)-5 packs.
I created a account email removed for your safety and exhausted 1-single user and 4-three user packs and each time I gave the same username and password. When I finished the 5th pack I encountered a problem of 'system protected and after some time not protected'. Then I chatted with mcafee and he only said you have to use different email ids for each pack.

Now what happens to all the 12 PCs on which I have used the same email id and password?

After opening the myaccount I found a reference for one single user and one 3 user pack and since there is no serial number or any identification on the cd, How to know which cd packs are actually utelised?

This is totally confusing

pl help
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Level 21

RE: Activation mess

Only Customer Service can answer your questions I'm sorry. Top of the page, second from the left.

We only deal with technical issues while using the products here.
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