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Action Center in Windows 7

After upgrading (I did a full uninstall via Programs and Features and ran the MCPR tool) to 2010 for 2009, the McAfee's new security center will tell me I am protected, and I am sure I am, but after booting up, the Action Center icon in the systray will show it (McAfee products) are not active, and do I want to turn it on, while this is happening again, McAfee tells me my computer is secure.

After about 2 min. of doing nothing within the Action Center, the alert goes away, and Action Center will go back to recognizing my McAfee, Antivirus (and Firewall).

I did a full removal of 2010 and reinstalled, but the same issue, and although I really didn't think this was the issue, I defragged and cleaned out temp files, but same issue.

Although on occasion, Action Center will show "OK" right at boot up.

I know I am protected (as I tested my firewall with a well known site as an example), but out of curiosity, is there a way for the Action Center to show "OK" right at boot up like it did with the 2009 version, rather than the latency, and what is causing this?

Thanks all.

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Re: Action Center in Windows 7

I have the same problem sometimes.Although i have 2009 with win 7.I am not ready to make the leap to 2010 when i can`t seem to fix the problems with 09 yet.Also windows sometimes will say you don`t have an antivirus installed with the red bar.Then like you said it eventually goes away.I also get a yellow fix it for e-mail for at least 3 weeks which i have to fix everyday.Very annoying to say the answers?I am hoping it is working as i am researching even bigger problems as we speak.Good luck.Maybe you can get an answer.I don`t know.


You could try tech support ,but i hav`nt had fun with that.

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Re: Action Center in Windows 7

I have the same problem, I've tried to reinstall mcafee but to no avail. I just ignore the issue for now as I have tested the firewall to be working when winowds 7 boots up even if the action center temporarily indicates I have no firewall/ anti virus.

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