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5958: auto install or download install?

OS: windows xp service pack 2

Virusscan Plus
Version: 13.15
Affid: 550-42
Language: nl
Language package: 13.15.108
Last update: 20-4-2010
DAT version: 5957.0000
DAT install date: 20-4-2010
Engine version: 5400.1158

I've deselected 'auto update' in the Security Center. To avoid the DAT 5958 problem ruining computers. Just in time cause my version was 5957. McAfee put a new update online, 5959. As a sollution I should download and install that McAfee says.

My question: do I have to do that manually or can I just turn 'auto update' on again and will it automatically find 5959 on it's next update?

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Re: 5958: auto install or download install?

5958 has been removed from the servers so you are safe to update either way auto or manually by right-clicking the taskbar icon and selecting Updates.

The DAT and SDAT downloads on McAfee Business product pages don't work with the home product.

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