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3 choices

if you inherit a trojan/virus and go to restore>files you see it in quarantine.
There are three choices; 1-repair, 2-remove,3-send to Mcafee.
I have never done this so it is advice I am looking for to be prepared.
Two related questions: when you click on 'Send to McAfee', does it go to an analyst who sends appropriate steps back to you, in which case you wait before doing anything?
Second part, if you click to repair or remove, how do you know if you are removing a necessary file associated with the virus?
Thank you
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RE: 3 choices

if you click on send it is send to an automated sample collection server. More samples send will mean a faster update .. so you might be doing your bit to make the net a safer place...

Again the size limit is 3 MB to send.

If I were to be in your place I would have waited for 2-3 days and then checked the detection name and the file name on the quarantine and then run a quick scan on the machine before removing those files...
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Level 7


Hi again
I won't pester but am trying to understand what to do if I get a trojan again.
On my pc, Mcafee said two things; 1- under the detection log it said,"repaired(removed).
When I loked at , restore>files it said quarantine. That is where I saw three choices, and removed. I won't do that agin.
What are you saying I should do with the name of the detection while I wait 2-3 days?
Then after three days, run another short scan?
Could you tell me why?
I appreciate your help because I need to know what to do in case it happens again.
Thank you
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