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win7 says McAfee anti-spyware disabled: not true plus warning not easily read

Think you can you read this warning from Microsoft Windows 7

It took me a dozen tries using hypercam2 at 60 frames per second to play back before I could read the following

"Click here to view the antispyware programs.  Both Windows Defender and McAfee Enterprise report they are turned off".

It is only 1/2 true.  I did turn of windows defender using instructions supplied by microsoft.  McAfee 8.7i and its companion antispy product are alive and well on my windows 7 system and AFAICT they are up and running as they should be.  This warning should not be displayed let alone flashed so fast it cannot be read by the human eye.

I turned windows defender off as both it and mcafee were timeing out while reading the same interrnet explorer temporary file.  This occured randomly, hanging explorer for 10-30 seconds.  I had read up about it on the internet and the recommendation was to turn off defender.  There has been no slowdown nor hang since I disabled windows defender.

Anyway, it would be nice if I could stop the flashing dialog message from appearing.  It is very annoying to see a flash down at the taskbar and know that something popped up but it cannot be read.   I had thought it was a subliminal message from Bill Gates suggestiing to buy more windows 7 products.

I also reported this at the the microsoft forum here

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Re: win7 says McAfee anti-spyware disabled: not true plus warning not easily read

Think you need Patch 3 for VSE 8.7:


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