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unable to manage PC using EPO server

HI all,

i have problem with endpoint.

we already install mcafee Agent on certain server but cannot comunicate with EPO server.

I already ping and telnet EPO server and nothing problem or error.

Can mcafee Endpoint iintall stand-alone vse880 installer + mcafee agent in managed mode

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Re: unable to manage PC using EPO server

when you do a collect and recieve properties do you get and error " agent faield to communicate to epo server ?"

If this is the case then do frminst.exe /install=agent /forceinstall

this is to be done in command prompt in the common framework directory.

You can install the Mcafee antivirus on the server manually , then do the agent install after that . (if it is a 64 bit node , please remember to right click ---->run as administrator)

Re: unable to manage PC using EPO server

Hi Tappetmus,

We had the same issue where some of my workstations did not come up as managed on the ePO, I re-installed everything, but still to no avail, but after a re-install of the framepkg.exe and a reboot of the workstation afterwards the workstation came up as managed on my ePO.

I hope this helps.


Re: unable to manage PC using EPO server

just a thought... did you try turning any software firewalls of on the machine in question?

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