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problems writing to registry with x64 XP and VSE 8.7

we have 10 Windows XP 64 bit systems and all have the problem when upgraded VirusScan 8.7 with accessing the windows registry. get access denied

users have problems writing to HKCU section, MS Office has issues because of this. I uninstall VirusScan and problems go away.

admins and users also get this error loging in to windows.

Type: Error
Source: Userenv
Event ID: 1096
Event Time: 12/3/2009 6:13:51 AM
Computer: WS019
Windows cannot access the registry policy file, C:\Documents and Settings\(username)\ntuser.pol. (The operation completed successfully. ).

need help, we had a case open with macafee but didn't get it resolved.

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Re: problems writing to registry with x64 XP and VSE 8.7

Let's keep this discussion in one location.. I'll lock this thread and all further input can proceed in the link below:

Hope this helps.


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