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on-demand vs. on-access scan?

I have a situation where some of the executives here want a scheduled, on-demand scan to occur no more than once/month. I've setup scheduled scans to occur much more frequently, but their view is that on-access scans should deal with most situations.

I've checked the docs, but can't find any explanation of the differences between the two scan types, but I seem to remember reading (somewhere) that on-demand scans actually scan the registry, where on-access scans don't...

Anyone have any info about the differences that I can use in my arguments with them?

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RE: on-demand vs. on-access scan?

An OnDemand scan may find viruses that OnAccess missed because it wasn't yet in the definitions at the time the computer was infected, or the file put on the computer.
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RE: on-demand vs. on-access scan?

We're more aggressive with the On-Demand scan since we run it every night on our client's machines. We decode mime files and scan down inside of zip files where with the on-access we're not as aggressive. This keeps their machines from being bogged down as much. Not matter how good the tech gets it's still a pretty nasty performance hit to a system.