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on-access scanner issue


We have mcafee 8.8 on most of our servers, but today i findout that the on-access scanner on one of the servers is disabled, I did try to enable it but nothing heppend, when I go to the services I can see that all of the mcafee services are started and I can restart them all, but the on-access scanner is disabled.

Any idea why is this heppening to this server?


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Re: on-access scanner issue


Give a review to event viewer in server, any event must be generated by this issue.

Thank you.

Re: on-access scanner issue

VSE on-access scan depends on the Filter Driver which is the Kernel level driver designed to scan I/O operations.

Maybe the Filter Driver wasn't installed successfully.

Have you tried reinstalling VSE?

Do you manage this server with ePO? Have you checked it's policies?

Re: on-access scanner issue

Perhaps the server just needs a reboot so that the driver install can finish


Re: on-access scanner issue

we have had this same issue with some of our machines using VSE 8.8

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