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mcdatrep consume over 95% CPU

Our server used to install VSE and we saw DATReputation folder in %PROGRAMFILES%\Common Files\McAfee since installed. One day, our colleague found mcdatrep consume over 95% in windows 2003 Enterprise server SP1. We tried to kill this process, next day mcdatrep.exe occur again and consume high CPU usage. Anyone have idea or experience? How to stop it? Thanks!


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Re: mcdatrep consume over 95% CPU


we didn't experience this behavior, but did you already check VSE logs for errors?

See for DAT-Reputation and McAfee KnowledgeBase - DAT Reputation Implementation Guide, Rev C for proper configuration. And there you could disable it temporary (or permanently), if you need to.



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Re: mcdatrep consume over 95% CPU

Moved this thread provisionally to VSE as a better spot for support.




Re: mcdatrep consume over 95% CPU

I too have found several servers with 1 to 4 instances of mcdatrep.exe running - those with 4 have CPU pegged.  This is "new" behavior - or a new feature, servers are a group of 11 older 2003 - 7 of the group had mcdatrep instances.  There had been no evidence of this behavior before 8.8.  There is a log file folder which seems like a candidate, but it is empty:

c:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\McAfee\datreputation\Logs

Only choice I had was to kill off processes but would sure like a better solution.

Re: mcdatrep consume over 95% CPU

Thanks for your reply buddy. I have tried to disable process in registry according to the DAT reputation guide, if you guys also has this incident, please try this.