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mcafee 8.7 access protection

Dear Sir,

             im using mcafee 8.7 with no patch. im faceing a problem to terminate the mcafee shield during the command promt like 'net stop *****'.

Now i want to make installer of my program which will install to the system before terminate the access protection of mcafee 8.7 vai command line. Is there anyway to avoid opennig the consol and then stop the access protection function...? come one.. im a admistrator i can have permission to stop/start the access there any way to put password to stop/start the access protection? the other program such as virus cant stop only i can do it via password..

is it possible?

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Re: mcafee 8.7 access protection

Dear Rafu5418,

At this time (VSE 8.7 plus Patch 3) you will really have to use the VirusScan console to disable the access protection rule which protects the McAfee VirusScan services from being terminated. Using the menu Tools - User Interface Options on the VirusScan console, you can click on the password options and then specify a password which will be required if someone try to change any VSE component, or you can put a password only to protect a specific component, like the Access Protection. Anyway, if the access protection rule which protects the VSE services from being terminated is enabled and then you try to stop the Mcshield service via command line or via services.msc even being an administrator you will be denied. You will need to go to VSE console, disable this feature before stopping the service that you need.

Feel free to submit a FMR (feature modification request) if you have a suggestion for changing this behavior, it might be analyzed by development in the future. Information about FMR is available at:

Hope this helps.