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installing Mcafee Error

Hello every body

i'am facing a problem in mcafee enterprice 8i
it is already installed in windows2003 server long time and it was working fine

i have a mcafee pilot for handling the upfate and pushing it to the client
few days back i found a virus in the machine that hase windows2003 server finaly i found the mcafee disabled i tried to install it again ( repair - or delete) but now way befor finishing the installation i got an error called ( you do not have suffeciunt privalage mscheled error ) and i already loged as administrator
now i want to solve this problem

wating for the replay

thank you

Moved from VirusScan 8 (home edition - obsolete) to Desktop and Server - MOD
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RE: installing Mcafee Error


Run the latest SuperDAT, then do an on-demand scan in safe-mode.

after being sure that there is no infection on your server, retry to uninstall VSE and reinstall the fresh copy of that.