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file folder exclusion

Is there possibility to exclude path in VSE 8.7/8.8 for "File/folder blocking rule" in user-defined rules of Access Protection module?

I can exclude process but no file/folder name.

My rule is for Windows XP clients and it's set as:

  • processes: *
  • folder/file: **\Documents and Settings\*\**.exe
  • file execution/creation

I applied this rule according to PD_25205 to block ransomware but I need to run some executables file which are in user profile and they cannot be moved.

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Re: file folder exclusion

hey MBP User,

i suggest you to add all work related software  in exclude area say


include: *

exclude: outlook.exe,msoffice.exe,tally.exe etc

folder/file : **\Documents and Settings\*\**.exe

file execution/creation