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configuring file upload scan using VSE for storage ICAP AV Scanner


We have the McAfee VirusScan Enterprise for Storage installed in one of our test server. We intend to use it to scan the uploaded files to a tes web server using the ICAP feature..

I want to know how to implement an ICAP Client that can route the request to VSES. Any examples or support in doing with IIS and .NET client code will be of great help. Is any proxy server needed? as the request comes direct to the WebServer(IIS). I want to use the ICAP to scan the uploaded file stream using the ICAP Av scanner.

This has become very critical for us. Please see if we can get some support in implementing this.

And below has the documented flow of ICAP client to Server. We need to configure the ICAP Client @ IIS WebServer, and route file uploads to the ICAP Server.

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Re: configuring file upload scan using VSE for storage ICAP AV Scanner

In the past we have explored that feature where i i work, but i think it is not intended to be used / supported that way as VSES is for storage devices and not to act as a icap client.

So should be doable but is not supported.

MWG will work with the icap feature as an icap server and it is supported and flexible.

As for icap client you could look at the following toolset :




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