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best way to cover threats related to different OS?

We have web base build and integration application in our company. Application support different build environments like windows(different versions), Linux(different versions),  Solaris extra. User defines build settings for each of their deliverables in our application. As per user settings we fetch code from source code repository ,build source code in define environment / OS and share output in our FTP server. Many time user upload their own binaries and our application just create installation package  using those binaries. We scan output of each build to avoid virus threats. Currently we are scanning all build output using VirusScan enterprise 8.8(Windows). Since we are supporting different environment(OS) builds , we have few doubts –

  • - Do enterprise 8.8 cover threats applicable to all environments. Assume user is building in Linux environment and build output will be executed in Linux OS. Enterprise 8.8 scanning will cover Linux OS threats.
  • - I saw McAfee have separate anti-virus software for Linux environment. Should we scan Linux deliverable with your Linux anti-virus software.
  • - Can Software build in Linux/Solaris environment affect Windows OS ?
  • - What type of scanning we should do to cover maximum  possible virus threats for build output.
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Re: best way to cover threats related to different OS?

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Re: best way to cover threats related to different OS?

I think Virusscan for storage is what you need -

but probably best to speak to your McAfee consultant team.