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? about disabling on-access scan

If I disable on access scan will it still catch viruses that try to execute?

If I exclude the c drive from on access scanning and leave it enabled will that catch any viruses that try to execute?

My resources are very very low and I don't care about viruses sitting dormant on the hard drive. Only when they get executed is what I am trying to accomplish catching.

When I double click on access scan a screen pop ups showing files that are currently scanning. This is killing my resources. How can I make it not scan anything in the back ground?

Essentially on-access scanning is killing me and upgrading hardware is not an option for these devices.

My goal=only catch viruses when they try to execute. Such as in ram only.

Moved from VirusScan 8 & Previous Versions (Home Products) to Desktop & Server - assuming this is VS 8.xi - MOD
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RE: ? about disabling on-access scan

OAS only scans files as they are accessed.

If you cant spare the reources to run OAS and you cant upgrade your hardware maybe you should be looking for an alternative AV solution. Macfee much as I enjoy it does have a big footprint in both CPU and memory usage and there are other products out there that will do the same job for less.
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