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ZenWorks NAL Objects and On Access Scan

I'm trying to incorporate ZenWorks (7) imaging and McAfee VirusScan (8, 8.5) and ePO (3). There have been various glitches when trying to install the NAL objects on our approzimately 1,500 PC's.
One method that seemed to help a bit was to have a script turn off on-access scanning and then try to install. Sometimes that fails, we figure that ePO does an Agent Update and turns back on the scanner.
These products have been around too long for them not to work together (I think). Is there some sort of exception list or something I need to add to ePO to help out with this problem?
Your help is appreciated.
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A couple suggestions...

Try turning off the script scanner
Add the zenworks exe's to the low risk processes section
Add the zenworks exe's to the exclude list. Either in the policy or on the client


Something to try

Thanks for your suggestions.