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Weird Extra.DAT behaviour in Dashboardoverview - Numbers of installed ED on Systems changes (plus and minus!?)


we did recived an Extra.DAT last week and created a Dashboard for query the adoption rate after checkin in the Extra.DAT. On Friday there where more than 700+ System which did recived the Extra.DAT and the Dashboard showed this. Today, Monaday, the Dashboard showed only 7 Systems with the Extra.DAT and after an ASCI and Updatecall there where 700+. Only some moments late there where only 600+, again a change in the numbers.

I don´t know where to look at in finding the root cause for this anomaly and I would like to understand what is going on.

We use

ePO 5.1.3, all Hotfixes, SQL 2008 R2

VSE 8.8. P2 + P7 (in the mid of changing P2 to P7 but triggering the installation is only possible via manual clienttask.)

Extra.DAT is validated for 30 days

It may be that the normal DAT is replacing the extra.dat but I would like to be sure of this. A #SR is not opend at the moment.