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Visual Studio slowing down.

Two colleagues and I have had difficulty developing with our Visual Studio solution recently, and are losing a great deal of time as a result.  This problem has only started this week, after alot of investigation we found the only common difference between ourselves and the rest of the team was McAfee had updated on our machines..  The problem is that is McAfee On-Access Scan is continually re-scanning the solution files over and over, which makes the VS UI almost entirely unresponsive, and some UI actions have become impossible.

We have an unsatisfactory workaround where we add the solution folder and subfolders to the scan exclusion list. This gives ustemporary respite, but the exclusion list is regularly defaulted by an AD group policy and theproblem comes back. 

In the meantime we are disabling On-Access Scan while we build our solutions.

Is there any other way to resolve this?


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Re: Visual Studio slowing down.

Hi Neoafter

No disrespect is intended here but Virus Scan Enterprise is not in the Home Office Products family of communities. You stand a much better chance of getting support by posting in the Business Community.

I tried to move your thread over to that community but I was having some difficulty and it could just be a permission issue on my end.

Good Luck

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Re: Visual Studio slowing down.

Well spotted, Tom. I can move it, no problem ...


This has been moved to Business / Endpoint Security / VirusScan Enterprise for attention.