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Virusscan Enterprise (P7 and lower) - Access protection blocking .msi access to c:\programdata


we need to install a *.msi package (rollout via gpo) wich is blocked by access-protection.

The software creates "c:\programdata\applicationname"

If access protection is fully disabled - it works.

If access protection is enabled - it does not work.


We opened up a support call at Intel/McAfee, but the T2 response was: Not solvable.

Does anyone of you have possible workaround? Manual installation is not realy a solution, because we need to "pull" it to more than 100 clients.

Even if all access protection rules are disabled (except the active module itself), it does not work. You have to fully disable it.

The rollout could not be timed (planed disabled access-protection) to a single appointment, because employees are not at the same time at the company.