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Viruscan enterprise 7.1.0

Hi all,

I installed viruscan enterprise 7.1.0. the autoupdate failed and my virus definition not changed.

downloading DAT
downloading delata.ini
invalid virus definition files
update failed to version new engione version
update failes to version 4.0.5587.

my version :

licence type : licensed
virus definition 4.0.4290
created on 8/28/2003
scan engine : 4.2.60
number of virus signature in extra driver : none
names of viruses that extra driver can detect : none

what's going on ?

thanks all
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RE: Viruscan enterprise 7.1.0

7.1.0 is EOL long time ago, it will not work anymore.
Recent is 8.5 (with patch 😎 or 8.7.

reg, Henno.
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RE: Viruscan enterprise 7.1.0

Correct... VS 7.1 is no longer supported and therefore won't auto-update.

Hope this helps.


mine just updated...

My advice:

Manually download and run the most recent superdat file, to pull in updates for the engine
and the defs.


Check your status the next day.

It'll probably work. I've downgraded to 7.1 because the performance hit on 9 was immense, and there were some features I didn't want to bother with.

It may well be unsupported. I'm down with that.

RE: mine just updated...

Despite the older products not being supported, the method of McAfee's "Drop in Engine and DAT" should work on products since VirusScan 95! McAfee just can't test (and fix) problems if there are any though.

You will need to update the engine first, then the DATs. I do not think the VSE 7.x series had an option for PUPs. SuperDAT or a manual update is what you'd need to do to get started.
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