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VirusScan Enterprise 8.0

On two machines they suddenly stopped updating. Once a day at 4:00PM they update like they have for over a year and now I suddenly I get this......

Starting update session.
Checking update packages from repository NAIHttp.
Initializing update...
Verifying Catalog.z.
Extracting catalog.z.
Loading update configuration fro: Catalog.xml
Update Finished

NOTHING....there are no updates. I can connect to the respoitory site fine and nothing has changed on my system regarding firewall settings or no new applications, except Ad-Aware which I removed on one of the machines to test and it didnt make a difference.

It seems strange that this occured at the same time on two seperate systems.

FYI, I can update it fine by downloading the dat files manually and running the .exe

Any suggestions?

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I'm having the same issue

I have a number of servers that have been updating just fine up until dat 5514. Now I get the same message. Update finished, but no update has happened.

The ones that have stopped are all at 8.0.0 patch 15. I have a few that are at 8.5i patch 6 and have been updating ok. I wonder if McAfee removed support for the 8.0.0???????????? We can't upgrade the 8.0.0 servers at the moment as they are in a production environment!

Please HELP!!!

RE: I'm having the same issue

You need to update McAfee Agent (Common Framework) from version 3.5.5 (which comes with VSE 8.0) to at leat version 3.6.0 that you can download from McAfee's site with your grant number.
Support for versions under 3.60 (except 3.5.5 hotfix 2) finished last week

RE: I'm having the same issue

After I sent my post I continued searching for an answer and yes, ulyses31 is correct. Here is the link I found regarding product "End of Lifecycle" and "CMA."

Thanks again ulyses31!