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VirusScan 8.7 - experiences ?

Hi All,

we plan to upgrade a site with 15.000 clients that currently runs VS 8.0 patch 13. We are discussing wether to move for VS 8.5 or VS 8.7.

So a shout out to all of you who has any experiences with 8.7 deployment/migration.

Feedback appreciated.

What went wrong?
What was better than earlier version migrated from?
Performance, better?
Artemis, how does it work?

Those of you that did migration but not encountered any problems are also welcome with that info ๐Ÿ™‚



Mikael Fryksten
NSEC Network Security AB
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RE: VirusScan 8.7 - experiences ?

Not rolling 8.7 until SP1 has come and gone and proven stable.

From my own testing and all the issues raised on here I dont consider it stable.

RE: VirusScan 8.7 - experiences ?

What we found:
* We cleaned up the original McAfee (Vendor) MSI so there where no ICE errors left and incorporated our own settings in a separate component.
* We repackaged the Common Framework because McAfee's MSI is just too horrible.
* We are currently using it in out Test and Acceptance environment where we do test and acceptence work to deploy software (SMS 2003).
* Have did not stumble on any of the problems reported here.
* We are waiting for patch 1 too, should be released in february to replace our 6000 installations of VSE8 patch 15.

We found 8.7 faster then 8.0 and it has a smaller memory footprint.

reg, Henno.
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RE: VirusScan 8.7 - experiences ?

"We cleaned up the original McAfee (Vendor) MSI so there where no ICE errors left and incorporated our own settings in a separate component."

what did you clean up/change in the MSI?

RE: VirusScan 8.7 - experiences ?

To date we have deployed to a handful of PCs (XP, Vista and PC included) for testing after uninstalling 8.5 patch 7.

We have yet to encounter an issue. The performance over our 8.5p7 install has been a welcome change & I am looking forward to deploying this in our network after patch 1 is released. Heck, I am tempted to deploy now give the positive feedback I have received from users about their system performance on marginal PCs.

RE: VirusScan 8.7 - experiences ?

McAfee\QUARANTINE. Dit zit in component HAN_HKLM_Mcafee_Settings.
* Multistring values van DetectionExclusions in nvp_reg leeg gemaakt, er stond rotzooi in.
* ICE69 Warning Mismatched component reference. Entry '_R_registryMcTrayPluginPath' of the Registry table belongs to component 'shstatRegKeys'. However, the formatted string in column 'Value' references file 'shstat.dll' which belongs to component 'shstat.dll'. Components are in the same feature. Registry Value _R_registryMcTrayPluginPath
Omgezet naar component shstat.dll.
* Controlevent 1605 text aangepast naar: "Er is onvoldoende schijfruimte beschikbaar. Klik op Annuleren om het installatieprogramma te sluiten, op Opnieuw om de beschikbare schijfruimte opnieuw te controleren of op Negeren om door te gaan zonder de functie Terugdraaien te gebruiken."

= Backup 16
* C:\Windows\System32\CatRoot uitgesloten van scannen in component HAN_HKLM_Mcafee_Settings.
* C:\Windows\System32\CatRoot2 uitgesloten van scannen in component HAN_HKLM_Mcafee_Settings.
* Rommel uit key " ProcessList" in component HAN_HKLM_Mcafee_Settings gehaald.

= Backup 17
* MFEOtlk.dll staat in de systemfolder shared en permanent.
* Hard pad in " SOFTWARE\McAfee\VSCore\On Access Scanner\McShield\Configuration\Default\ExcludedItem_0" vervangen door MSI macro.

= Backup 18
* Alle registerkeys op Automatic gezet.
* Keypath's gezet op alle componenten die er geen hadden.

= Backup 19
* Path aanvulling van Environment stond bij Uninstall op " leave" . Deze staat nu op remove.
* HKLM\Software\VAI BV\McAfee VirusScan Enterprise eengevuld met UK.

= Backup 20
* Component psapi.dll verwijderd.

= Backup 22
* Exclusion voor C:\Config.Msi toegevoegd.

= Backup 23
* Exclusion voor C:\MSOCache toegevoegd.


My Experience with 8.7

This is the worst piece of software from McAfee I have ever seen.

It has hosed every server I have deployed it to.

Citrix server admins stay away from it.

I did best practice exclusions for Citrix and no good.

I have given it the benefit of the doubt several times only to be nailed with support issues.

I'll try something newer than 8.5 but not for a while.

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