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VirusScan 8.5/8.7i config options for performance

We've been using McAfee Virusscan Enterprise for a few versions now (8.0, 8.5 and now 8.7) and seem to be finding that overall system performance is degrading more and more with each version, even though we have relatively high specced machines (2ghz C2Duo laptops, 2-4gb ram, XP SP3).

We basically have a "default" or close to default settings rollout, I'm just curious at what things people turn off or modify from the defaults to get increased performance on client end - and what sacrifices to protection this makes?

One Idea that i've been toying with (and thinking about finding how to implement) is to disable on-access scanning until 60-90 seconds after login, as this seems to dramatically increase login times (with something like 2-3000 files scanned on login before the system is "usable").

Thoughts? Comments?
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RE: VirusScan 8.5/8.7i config options for performance

We only scan on writes and exclude:
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\McAfee\Common Framework
C:\Windows\System32\CCM (SMS client)

reg, Henno.

RE: VirusScan 8.5/8.7i config options for performance

Just be aware scanning only on writes is only safe if you NEVER connect an external device like a thumb or hard drive. You want to catch anything before it's running and trying to write to your local drive.

Is there a way to set separate setting for internal and external drives? The only options I'm aware of are for drives and network.