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Virus Definitions...


Is it possible to find a list of the viruses, malware, adware etc that McAfee protects against?



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Re: Virus Definitions...

Moved this to VSE for quicker response but I have a feeling the answer is no, because it protects against millions of infections and is updated by 100's or even 1000's every day.


Re: Virus Definitions...

Thanks - it would be useful for people to know though that their product protects against specific threats.


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Re: Virus Definitions...

I'll defer to the experts here, but I would imagine that there are simply too many to make a list.

All major antiviruses protect against literally millions of things, but none are guaranteed 100% effective against everything there is out there in the wild.

Users should practice due care when they surf and where they download from and indeed what they download and keep their systems totally up to date.

I put the following up a while back to help people and keep it updated:  Anti-Spyware/Malware/Hijacker Tools

It's really directed at Consumers rather then anyone in the Enterprise sector but gives a good idea of what to do.

Re: Virus Definitions...


You can always check to see what are you protected with and which DAT.

Best regards

Jose Maria

Re: Virus Definitions...

Also remember the different AV companies call the malware different names