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VSE8.8 On Demand Scan - Log file location


I have configured a Daily Memory Scan as an assigned client task in ePO that gets pushed out to all client computers.

The task has been configured to log to a network share as follows:  \\servername\sharename\computername\logfile.txt.  For the purposes of this test, I have given Authenticated Users Full Access to the network share location.

The task seems to commence at the scheduled time and the appropriate computername folders and logfile.txt files are created, but the logfile.txt files remain empty with no scan information being logged to the files.  Event 1203 (On-Demand Scan Completed) doesn't seem to be logged with ePO implying the scans do not run beyond creating the log file.

If I modify the log location to be deflogdir\logfile.txt, the logfile.txt file gets created and populated on the local machine (C:\ProgramData\McAfee\DesktopProtection\) and event 1203 is recorded by ePO.

Is there a permission and/or configuration option I've missed that will allow On Demand scans to log to a network location?