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VSE8.8 Client Install

Hi, please go easy, fairly new to McAfee.

Is there a pull option to get VSE from ePO to the client rather than the conventional push action using the agent (ePO)?

Basically, can it be initiated from the client rather than ePO?


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Re: VSE8.8 Client Install

Technically, yes. As for how'd you would go about doing it, that is still done via ePO. There isn't a way to from an endpoint simply request a deployment. 

I'd recommend establishing a tag based deployment methodology. Create a tag, then create a client task. Assign the client task and tell it to only install on systems that have your assigned tag and on your assigned schedule. (Note that using run immediately causes the task to only be evaluated once. If for whatever reason the task is unsuccessful, it won't evaluate again, unless the task itself changes which appears to the agent as a new task.)

You can then build a query and automation using server tasks to "discover" systems without a specific product and have the tag then applied. You can do the same to discover products that have successfully

installed, and then remove that deployment tag. The system would then evaluate the tag on its next scheduled check in, pull the client task, and execute it on the defined schedule. This is typically how I set up deployments. It does require a bit more work up front, but it provides a lot of flexibility.

Re: VSE8.8 Client Install

Thank you for the quick response, I would lie if I said that it was the first time I was advised to use tagging!