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VSE is not installing remotely in server 2016


I am trying to install VSE on Server 2016 with Ansible.  Every time I launch the setup, it seems to spawn a child uninstall process.  I am able to see this by analyzing the wait chain for SetupVSE.exe.  If I log in to the system, and I end the process on the uninstall, VSE installs with no issues.


Side note, I do not have this issue with Server 2012 R2.


Side Note 2.  If I install manually on the Server 2016 system it completes successfully.  I just run the same command manually I run with Ansible,


I have disabled UAC.  The Mcafee agent install also works on Server 2016.


Any ideas?




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McAfee Employee dmcgeary
McAfee Employee
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Re: VSE is not installing remotely in server 2016

I am not familiar with Ansible , does it run as a system account or a service account?

What command are you running?

My thought is that the use of Ansible might be resulting in a "trust" issue.
If our installer sees untrusted injection it may result in an install failure.  But it seems this is a hang. 
Contacting support would be a good way to proceed if additional assistance is needed.I'd expect they will want a procmon log while replicating the failure, along with the install logs. 



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