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VSE doesn´t finish installation

Hi! I´m having some trouble with some machines.

When I try to install VSE version 8.8.1528 with patch 7, the installation never ends. It can be using ePO or manually, the installation doesn´t end. The progress bar still in the middle end forever.

I tried to look for some log error, but the there are nothing in the log folder. How can I check the root of the problem ?

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Re: VSE doesn´t finish installation


can u checked cancel and reinstalling

check it and let me know  if u r facing an issue

there is some product compatibility issue i gusse



Re: VSE doesn´t finish installation

When the install fails, I try several times. Sometimes it works, but in the most often time it fails.

I give up. Is there a way to get VSE 8.8.1445 ? The patch 6 I still have in the previous branch.

Re: VSE doesn´t finish installation

There has to be an entry in the logs - if deploying through EPO, check windows\temp\mcafee logs

If your doing it on the machine with your own name, then check in your appdata\local\temp\mcafee logs

Usually VSEInstXXXX or similar.

Re: VSE doesn´t finish installation

I've just corrected a similar issue by downloading the software and manually installing (hope this will work via ePO as I have 400+ installs otherwise).

N.B. just running tests of Patch 7 at the moment.

Re: VSE doesn´t finish installation

Sometimes installing manually works, but not all the time. I have 500+ machines in my environment.

At this moment I installed VSE 8.8.1445 and patch 6. Worked like a charm. Installation occured fast with no issues.

Re: VSE doesn´t finish installation

I will check these logs more carefully and try to find something useful.

Re: VSE doesn´t finish installation

hi tulhaum,

          my guess can u check  uninstall in client machine and try to deploy the package using eposerver it will work.

because the product updation does not work for patch 7 



Re: VSE doesn´t finish installation

Hi tulhaum,

Couple of thoughts on this:

1. What version of the McAfee Agent are you using?

    I have simulated installation and patch (upgrade) using McAfee Agent and have not been able to reproduce your issue. If using an older McAfee Agent, have you               considered upgrading the Agent version to and see if the installation is successful?

2. Are you using the Patch file in the master repository rather than the Install file?

    If you are looking to upgrade systems running Patch 6 to Patch 7 you will need to make sure the VSE Patch 7 package is installed the suitable branch and that a product update       client task is configured to update the VirusScan product from that branch (McAfee Agent > General Policy).

3. Are you able to provide the VSEInst and vscore_inst log files from the C:\Windows\Temp\McAfeeLogs directory?

    These log files should help identify the cause of the failed installation.

Kind regards,