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VSE Full scan of large shared drives.

I am in the process of scanning several large shared drives and am experiencing that some of my scans are terminating for unknown reasons; most likely it's because of lost network connection to the servers at some point during the scan. My question is: When I restart the scan, does it pick up where it left off or will it have to re-scan all files again. I am assuming that it places a "fingerprint" on the files it scanned and will only rescan files that that have been modified since the previous scan will be scanned. But, just wanted to verify. - Thanks in advance, Ben

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Re: VSE Full scan of large shared drives.

Moved to VSE for better handling.




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Re: VSE Full scan of large shared drives.

If the scan is running from a task, either local task or ePO scheduled task, it will resume from where it left off.

The reason for termination ought to be confirmed. First clue is to check the ODS log - does it end with a messaging saying it was terminated, or does it just look truncated. Only the former would be "good", the latter would mean the process is dying suddenly, as in crashing, in which case Application Event logs will have more clues.

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