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VSE Engines and Repository Branches

If I set some of my McAfee Agent >  General policies > Updates > Engine to point to the "Previous" branch and there is no Engine checked into that branch are there going to be any negative repercussions? I am assuming that nothing will happen as the engine is installed when VSE is installed and I also assume that the engine is included in the VSE installation files. I want to do this as I do not want some of may machines pulling the new 5600 engine when it is released as an AutoUpdate on July 24th. There are teo scenaros to consider here though: 1.) Machines arleady have the 5400 Engine and VSE 2.) newly adedd machines that do not have anything installed.

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Re: VSE Engines and Repository Branches

Hi kink80, if you cahnge McAfee Agent policy to use the previous branch and there's no engine there then it will happen nothing as there's no engine to be updated (and) it won't affect negatively to your computers