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VSE Dat files not updated on several stations


I am using VSE8.8P4

Today I noticed that the dat file is out of date on several stations. 90% is updated right.

I have a daily client task which updates the dat file. That task finishes but on some stations its said "Update failed to version 5800.7501 and then Update failed to version 8170.0000."

In the log file of the stations I see the following:


I found the following info on the McAfee site:

Workaround 2

Some customers have reported successfully avoiding reoccurrences of symptoms by modifying the Agent Update task.

When configuring the content that the Agent Update task should retrieve from the repository (whether a McAfee or internal repository), deselect the Engine content option.

NOTE: The Agent continues to retrieve DAT updates as usual. Checking for Engine content is unnecessary if the client has already updated to the 5700 engine.
My dat files are not 0.0000 but they are from the past. Do I have the same issue ? !
If I use workarround 2 : Create a new task which updates the dat files but without the engine, the dat files get updated.

See below
I did not change anything to my ePO system or my VSE .
So this is very strange that this is occuring.
Did you guys had this problem before?
I now have two options :
Change my task "daily updates" and uncheck the engine check.
Upgrade VSE to patch 6 or 7
This issue is currently unresolved, but VSE 8.8 Patch 6 contains code to avoid it. Additionally, Patch 6 contains a code change that could resolve the issue (or greatly reduce the likelihood of it occurring).
I hope that it is also fixed in patch 7...