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VSE - Access Protection User defined policies rules (Cryptolocker&CryptopWall)

Hi, I have been testing a few of the rules for Protecting against Cryptolocker and CryptoWall based on this document (PD25203).   My question is are there are others on here that have also been looking at implementing some of these and what has  been their experience in doing so.

Rule #8 from the document is the one that I am most interested in right now which blocks **\*.scr files from being created or executed (Process to exclude - rundll32.exe, winlogon.exe, FrameworkService.exe, McShield.exe, Scan*.exe).   I put this in place as we have received two phishing emails with zip files which contained scr files.  The both turned out to be legitimate infections based on samples sent to McAfee.

My results with enabling this on more devices was a lot of events 5000k in little over 3 hours but it appears that most of them are related to the default windows screensaver files. I am wondering what others have done or added to this rule to limit some of these events, I know I can just add the default screensaver files to the process to exclude just want to hear what other have done.  I also understand that putting more exclusions in place we are limiting the protection to this rule.